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First Batch

  It’s been a longtime coming but we finally made our first batch of chocolate—doing the whole process, from the bean to the bar. Considering we ran into a few speed bumps, I think we did a pretty good job. … Continue reading

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The Chocolate Russian

I call this one the “Chocolate Russian.” There are probably at least a dozen other Chocolate Russian recipes out there but no doubt, this one is the best. As with our chocolate, we like to keep our ingredients minimal. And … Continue reading

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Chocolate Experience #1

    Chocolate has always been one of my favorite food substances the world has to offer. Whenever I look at the dessert list at a restaurant I immediately seek out the dessert the seems to be the darkest, richest … Continue reading

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  We are long overdue for a public blog but with so much happening with us and the world in the last few weeks, we figured it’s time. So what’s this all about? What is Chocolate Baar? To begin, Chocolate … Continue reading

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