We are long overdue for a public blog but with so much happening with us and the world in the last few weeks, we figured it’s time.
So what’s this all about? What is Chocolate Baar? To begin, Chocolate Baar is an unofficial title for a project that me (Robbie) and Anna are working on. “Baar” stands for “by Anna and Robbie.” So, this blog is officially and unofficially titled, “Chocolate by Anna and Robbie.”
I’m glad you’ve found your way here. The Internet is a vast and ever-growing space so the chances of you landing here are approximately 1 in… 108 million (according to a domain count in 2007).
You can expect to find here news about our progression towards becoming one of Colorado’s first bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturers. However, let’s give credit where credit is due. Steve Devries has been making chocolate in Denver for a long time now and he is considered to be one of the most talented chocolatiers in the world (according to Chloe). I’ve never tried his chocolate but someday I hope to be that lucky… And let’s not forget to give a tip of the hat to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that at one time or another they were making chocolate from the bean. Anyway, I’d like to believe that we are at least the first folks in Boulder, Colorado to be producing artisanal chocolate from the bean without the aid of any dirty tricks, including soy lecithin.
Choose quality over quantity: Just as we aim to make small batches of some of the finest chocolate that the world has to offer, I’m going to end this introduction now—before the word count outweighs the quality of the content.

About ritualchocolate

Colorado craft chocolate by Anna and Robbie
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